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Forum » ZigiScape » Staff Application » Toxiic x Application [ACCEPTED]
Toxiic x Application [ACCEPTED]
JeremyDate: Wednesday, 2010-07-07, 9:25 PM | Message # 1
Group: Blocked
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Real Name: Jeremy
Age: 15
Location(and Time Zone): Eastern

Account: Toxiic x
Characters (all of them): Toxiic x and Storm s0ul

How long have you been playing ZigiScape?: About a month now

What experience in ZigiScape development do you have?: I have tons of experience I know every single staff on zigiscape and are good friends with all of them and i have been md on here but i got demoted cause i mistake

Do you have any previous moderating experience?: Yes I have I have been co owner on my cousins server and i have been mod and admin on a bunch of servers some servers i have been mod and admin on are hollow 508 emps scapeand death scape my cousins server:]

Do you have any programming or advanced computer experience?: Umm I mean i can probably do something with making videos but that is about it

What do you feel you could offer to the server that others couldn't?: I feel that i can offer alot like i have offered alot i have done many things to help this server i deserve a chance again i wish that i could donate but i can cause i have been recently hacked on my paypaland lost over 100$ so i am trying to get that fixed but it is going to be awhile

What position are you applying for?Moderator?Forums Moderator? Chat Moderator? :In Game Moderator

Why are you applying for that position?: I am appling for this postiton because i feel that i have done good in my previous moderating positons i made 1 mistake and i think i can fix it if i become moderator i hav done very well on other games that i have been moderator at and i feel i can chnage what i did

How many hours are you on daily at average?: All the time i love zigiscapei cant live without it

What's the typical time range you're online most days(GMT)?: 10am-12pmlol i love this game

Tell us a little about yourself: well im am jeremy i am 15 years old and i love having fun and making people laugh i am very friendly aslong as ur nice to me but i have to have a short fuse and when someone gets me mad i blow but its pretty hard to get me mad also i like playing sports i play every single sport and my favorite is football i have an xbox 360 not really on it that much cause i play this but we have the time i get on so thats pretty much it want to know more about please feel free to ask at anytime

Runescape Experience: in normal runescape i had 3 accounts : Crimy BeaverCrimy Soundand dilmen500 on all accounts i skilled on crimy beaveran crimy soundi had 99 WOODCUT!!! But the accounts got banned because they were thinkin i was botting. On Dilmen500 i have now full bandosbecause i trained my combat skills so that i can wear Bandos i got the money with training FISHING now atm its 90 and Crating is now 76:p
So ive got the money for Bandos and much more:p from FISHING and CRAFTING
Im getting like 700k/hourwith Fishing sharks

This was my application, i hoped u liked it
THX for Watching
Sosolid thanks for adding COLLOUR

Message edited by Jeremy - Thursday, 2010-07-08, 3:19 PM
stevespimpDate: Thursday, 2010-07-08, 6:34 AM | Message # 2
Group: Ex-Staff
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I think he should be atleast considered, I'm not sucking up or anything, but we had an issue and he was really helpfull, sure he made a mistake, but he can fix it, he knows now to do it again, i'm only saying, atleast consider it

1bones8Date: Thursday, 2010-07-08, 9:31 AM | Message # 3
Group: Super Star
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i think hes nice i would let him be mod again happy and i would apply but idk how so
Ssolidd2kkDate: Thursday, 2010-07-08, 3:49 PM | Message # 4
Group: Administrators
Messages: 66
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i think you need to add more look steves app and born4deads app

Added (2010-07-08, 3:49 PM)
nice edit and NP

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