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Forum » ZigiScape » Staff Application » Ima Cow's Staff Application (What it says on the tin :D)
Ima Cow's Staff Application
Ima_CowDate: Sunday, 2010-09-05, 1:47 AM | Message # 1
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Real Name: Tom Wade
Age: 14 (20/02/1996)
Location (and Time Zone): South-east England (GMT)

Account: Ima Cow
Characters (all of them): Ima Cow, 99Str Pl0x, I,

How long have you been playing ZigiScape?: 10days? but im not too shabby and know everyone

What experience in ZigiScape development do you have?: Iv watched ZigiScape's economy for a few days smile iv discovered some helpful facts/prices smile

Do you have any previous moderating experience?: Yeah, i was a mod on runescape, and still am smile and have been a mod on a couple of other games

Do you have any programming or advanced computer experience?: Yeh, im doing 2 IT options for my GCSE's :P

What do you feel you could offer to the server that others couldn't?: I feel I could offer new players advise of how to play, and experienced players help too

What position are you applying for? Moderator? Forums Moderator? Chat Moderator? : Moderator, but the other 2 would be an amazing bonus if you see me as a fit candidate smile

Why are you applying for that position?: Because i want people to recognise me as the person who helped them when they were a low level, and because i know alot of players who have commited offences and haven't been caught, so i could catch em out as an undercover mod biggrin Oh, and because i think it would be cool to know that people would come to me for help smile

How many hours are you on daily at average?: during the school week, 3-4hours| during weekends, as much as possible biggrin so all day if i can :P

What's the typical time range you're online most days (GMT)?: school days: 4:00 (GMT) - 7:00 (GMT) ||| weekends: 10:00 (GMT) - around 2:00 the next morning lol (sorry im an addict ha biggrin )

Stuff about me: I love playing the computer and meeting new friends accross the seas (or in England lol :D) and i have many friends who play this, if im not on zigiscape, im on my runescape mod account, eating, sleeping, or on my bmx down the local skate park, or getting drunk/stoned with ym mates lol but you probs don't wanna know about them days lol biggrin .. Okay bye tongue

Ima Cow smile thanks Steve or Wboar or whoever reads me lol cool

Message edited by Ima_Cow - Sunday, 2010-09-05, 1:59 AM
Forum » ZigiScape » Staff Application » Ima Cow's Staff Application (What it says on the tin :D)
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