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Forum » ZigiScape » Staff Application » Iizgodlyx's staff appilication (please vote for me)
Iizgodlyx's staff appilication
can i become a moderator?[ 3 ][75.00%]
2.yes[ 1 ][25.00%]
Answers total: 4
IizGodlyXDate: Friday, 2010-08-13, 10:31 PM | Message # 1
Group: Users
Messages: 5
Reputation: 0
Status: Offline
Real Name:Jimmy
Location (and Time Zone):United States Eastern

Characters (all of them): Iizgodlyx

How long have you been playing ZigiScape?:about a week and a half

What experience in ZigiScape development do you have?:well i have played many of private servers and rune scape isnt new to me either

Do you have any previous moderating experience?: No i don't.

Do you have any programming or advanced computer experience?:yes I've made many thing online including a website (computer class)

What do you feel you could offer to the server that others couldn't?:i could offer help to many admins and help new characters who could eventually become future donaters,and i could eventually become a great asset to the zigiscape team

What position are you applying for? Moderator? Forums Moderator? Chat Moderator? :I am applying for Moderator.

Why are you applying for that position?: not really for power but more for respect because i hate when people try to mess with you when your like lvl 112 and there lvl 126

How many hours are you on daily at average?:15 hours. eastern time

What's the typical time range you're online most days (GMT)?:3:00 P.M. - 6:00 A.M.

Tell us a little about yourself:well if you see me in zigi scape ill there is a chance ill have on dagon hai i like being a mage. fdos

Forum » ZigiScape » Staff Application » Iizgodlyx's staff appilication (please vote for me)
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