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Forum » General Discussion » Guides, Tutorials & Tools » Guide to win Costume Parties (c parties) (Detailed guide to winning c parties)
Guide to win Costume Parties (c parties)
Bogus119Date: Wednesday, 2010-08-18, 3:15 PM | Message # 1
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Guide on winning costume parties.

A common activity in zigiscape is a costume party (c party for you noobs). In a c party all the players involved line up in a big line. the host of the party
will then start it by standing next to the player at the end of the line. they will then give a command, pass or up, meaning you move 1 space upwards and your are through
to the next round. the same repeats with the smaller line of people until there is a winner, or 1st 2nd or 3rd, depending on the host and how many prizes they have.

Most c parties are held at ::help or ::partyroom. The host will advertise the party in ::yell , stating the location and how long until it starts.

To start winning costume parties you will need:
-to be rich(well enough cc to afford rare armour or weapons)
-a couple of 99s (skillcapes come in all different colours to help with matching costumes)
-a good sense of what looks cool
-to have a good idea to what the hosts favourite costumes are and or what they like in a costume(you can find this out by going to one of there parties and taking note of
wat costume wins, if its not yours)
-thats about it i guess

To start off, you need to choose whether you want to look rich or look matching and cool. hosts varie, some like rich costumes and some like matching, these is why you need to no what the host is into.

Follow these guidlines if you want to be matching:
To start off find a colour base, or two if you like. eg. blue and white, red and white, green and white and so on. Tip: most colours match well with white, but this also means
the colour combo might be popular.
The following armour goes well with the blue and white combo:
-3rd age magic top
-3rd age magic bottoms
-blue mystic set
-saradomin banner
-saradomin d hide set
-crystal sheild
-blue boots and gloves bought from ::shops
-cooking gaunts and desert boots bought from ::shops
-defence skill cape
-mining skill cape
-agility skill cape (for dark blue)
-Go to make over mage and change your hair to blue (or white i guess)
-vls goes alright with this colour combo to.
-basket and lanty goes good with any colour combo too.
-sara robes
-blue mask
-white phat
-blue or white flowers

The following armour goes well with the red and white combo:
-Zammy Robe top
-Zammy robe bottom
-Zamorkak d hide
-Red H ween mask
-d claws
-hitpoints skill cape
-strength cape can look good sometimes
-d boots
-d gaunts
-jester scarf
-Red demon wings
-red robes from ::shops
-red party hat
-white partyhat
-desert boots or cooking gaunts bought from ::shops
-red gloves or red boots bought from ::shops
-dragon armour (nooby tho)
-zammy staff
-red book, unholy book, wat ever its called
-red flowers
-santa armour (750m cc or just 5$)
-basket and lanty

The following goes with with the green and white combo:
-green phat
-green mask
-green wings
-basket and lanty
-green d hide
-green robes from ::shops
-green boots from ::shops
-green gloves from ::shops
-farming cape
-herb cape(but mostly gold)

the following armour goes well with gold:
-Gilded armour ofcourse
-prayer cape
-runecraft cape
-yellow phat
-orange phat (rare)
-Initiate armour
-gold flowers
-yellow flowers
-yellow boots and yellow gloves from ::shops
-yellow mystic set
-yelow robes from ::shops
-change your hair to yellow

the following armour goes well with the black combo:
-Black t armour
-thief cape(trimmed or untrimmed)
-void mage hood
-lanty looks good with black t
-purple boots and gloves from ::shops

Some hosts like costumes that are filled with rares, or things that cost alot, like rgs, wings, basket, lanty, blah blah blah.
So if you think the host likes rare items, dress up in something worths billions, but still make sure you look cool.

I hope this guide helps you if you never win c parties.
Thanks for reading

P.S. This thread is open for people to post their fav costumes(but beware, u most likely be copied by some noob)



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RONQUE5Date: Saturday, 2010-08-21, 5:12 AM | Message # 2
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NICE apply dude..continue working hard..
Bogus119Date: Saturday, 2010-08-21, 6:07 AM | Message # 3
Group: Users
Messages: 91
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ty ronque smile

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